A parent reviewing a nanny contract with a pen in hand.

How To Create A Great Nanny Contract?

Once you’ve chosen your nanny, it is advisable to create, present, and agree to a specific work agreement that outlines the terms of employment. The work […]
How a nanny is better than a babysitter

How a nanny is better than a babysitter?

A nanny and a babysitter are two very different jobs. A nanny is someone you hire to look after your child at a certain time each […]
How a nanny is better than a daycare

How a nanny is better than a daycare?

When it comes to the question of childcare, parents are always confused between different options. The two most common solutions for childcare are putting the child […]

Hiring a nanny with an agency vs on your own

One of the most critical decisions you’ll make as a parent is who will look after your children. A lot of trust and reliance is needed […]
Nanny interview questions

Best Nanny Interview Questions

Hiring and interviewing a nanny could be a tough task just like finding a candidate in the first place. This process can feel overwhelming as you […]
why do nannies quit

Why do nannies quit their jobs?

There are a variety of reasons why a nanny would choose to quit her job with her current employers. If you are familiar with these reasons, […]
Do you really need a nanny camera?

Is a nanny camera really needed? What are its pros & cons?

Parents are sometimes very conscious when they leave their children alone with a nanny. To ease this anxiety, most families consider installing a security camera also […]

What are the duties of a nanny agency?

A Nanny Agency, as the name suggests, helps parents and families find the perfect nanny or caregiver according to their needs and requirements. These agencies interview […]
Duties of a nanny

What are the duties of a nanny? (And what are not!)

Will my nanny do housekeeping while taking care of my children? Can she also cook and do laundry? These are some common questions asked by the […]